Laboratory for Genome Technology

ABI 3130xl Genetic Analyzer

  • A capillary sequencer for service sequencing and DNA marker analysis
  • ¬†$2.50/sample
  • ¬†Please see the DNA Sequecing Information

Real-Time PCR Systems

  • CFX 384 and ABI 7900HT SDS
  • Real-Time PCR machine for allelic discrimination, quantification and dissociation curve analysis

Computing system

  • DNA Sequencing Analysis and Sequencer software for sequence analysis
  • Primer Express software to design TaqMan primers and probes
  • Genescan, Genotyper and GeneMaper

Additional equipment…

  • Genogrinder
  • Photo-documentation System: ChemiDoc XRS+, Gel Doc XR+
  • Beckman DU-640 spectrophotometer,¬†NanoDrop ND 1000 Spectrophotometer Victor Plate Reader and Alpha Imager Mini



Eun-Gyu No, Ph.D.
Laboratory for Genome Technology
Service Director, PhD

124A Borlaug Center


Lyndsey Torrez
Research Associate
124B Borlaug Center



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