Automated Sequencing Runs

  • Automated sequencing runs are scheduled Monday through Friday with at most two plates (2 X 96 samples) per day depending on demands.
  • Call lab personnel to check current schedule.
  • A plate has 96 user samples. There must be at least 16 samples on a run. If there are less, the samples will be bumped to the next run.
  • A p-GEM standard will be included to each run for instrument and run quality assurance if it is necessary.
  • Failed sequences/poor data from a quality-assured run remain the user’s fiscal responsibility.
  • Samples are denatured and loaded by LGT personnel. A laser scans the capillary and detected fluorescence is converted into actual sequence data.
  • Run times are 2 hours for a run (16 samples) and 11 hours for a plate (96 samples) in current 50 cm capillary setting.


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