Genome Analysis Instrumentation

Main Instruments

  • ABI 3130xl Capillary DNA Sequencer
  • ABI 7900HT real-time PCR Machine
  • BioRad CFX384 Real-time PCR Machine
  • Spex SamplePrep GenoGrinder
  • ThermoScientific NanoDrop Spectrophotometer
  • Beckman DU640 Spectrophotometer
  • PerkinElmer Victor X3 Plate Reader
  • Seven PCR Machines
  • Alpha Innotech Alpha Imager Mini Photodocumentation system
  • BioRad ChemiDoc XRS+ and GelDoc XR+
  • Savant Speed Vac
  • Beckman Ultra Centrifuge XL-80
  • Beckman Ultra Centrifuge TLX
  • Three Beckman J2-HC Centrifuges
  • Branson Sonifier
  • Kodak M35 Developer


  • Provide training in instrumentation and techniques.

eun-gyu_noEun-Gyu No, Ph.D.
Laboratory for
Genomic Technology
Service Director
136A Borlaug Center


LGT office hours

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
2:00-4:00 PM

First-time users
First-time users should call the LGT manager @ 979-458-0018 to get the information of Instrumentation.

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